Metropolitan State University of Denver was recently admitted to the Internal Auditing Education Partnership program as a Foundation school by the globally recognized Institute of Internal Auditing. 

“Achieving this milestone for MSU Denver and the College of Business was a team effort involving faculty, alumni, members of the Denver IIA Chapter, internal audit professionals, the College of Business dean and the Accounting Department chair,” said Shawn Tebben, interim director of Internal Audit Education and an affiliate faculty member. “Becoming the first university in Colorado to be admitted to the IAEP is a testament to our commitment to educating future internal audit and risk management professionals.” 

The partnership opens several opportunities for grants, research and networking among faculty members and students at other IAEP schools and with internal audit professionals. This inclusion reflects the Accounting program and the College of Business’ commitment to facilitate students’ exploration of many career paths in accounting and business. 

To be accepted, MSU Denver had to provide evidence that: 

  • Courses are aligned with the IIA’s model curriculum 
  • The program has the support of the Denver IIA Chapter 
  • The University has a functioning Internal Audit Advisory Board 
  • MSU Denver resources have sufficient depth to sustain the program 
  • The program has the support of the college dean and Accounting program chair 
  • There is a dedicated IAEP coordinator 

MSU Denver also worked closely with Seattle University’s IAEP coordinator to develop the University’s application, including a business plan showing program plans.   

The program aims to establish a broader Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Center for the University with internal auditing being a key component. The next goal is to create internal audit certificates at the graduate and undergraduate levels, something potential employers have indicated will be valuable for those entering the internal audit profession. 

For more information about MSU Denver’s internal audit program, please contact Tebben, [email protected].