Key takeaways:

  • The study will analyze key data to inform strategic compensation and pay-structure decisions. 
  • Data integrity is foundational to the study’s success.  
  • All employees must complete, review and update personal information in Workday by Oct. 20. 
  • Employees should carefully review new Employee Job History section in Workday. 
  • Human Resources has created an advisory group for Universitywide input and engaged a third-party vendor for technical expertise.  


Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Compensation Equity Study will include a thorough review and analysis of pay and compensation structures. The study will review a variety of data points, such as role types, education, experience, skill level, tenure, demographics and more to provide the University with critical information to make strategic decisions about pay structures.  


Data integrity is critical 

Employees must review, update and complete all their information in Workday by Oct. 20. The Compensation Equity Study is a statistical analysis and will be completely data-driven. The study’s success is dependent on complete and accurate data, some of which can be managed only by the employee.

Two employee actions needed

Complete Worker Profile: Verify and complete all personal information in your employee profile, called “Worker Profile” in Workday.  

  • Job aid: Worker Profile
  • The Workday Worker Profile includes contact details, demographic information, experience, skills and education. The Worker Profile also contains benefit selections, pay slips and time-off tracking. 

Complete Flexible Work Arrangement: Input working arrangement in the Flexible Work Arrangement feature. Note: This does not apply to faculty.  

Both features are within the Talent Optimization section. Employees with concerns about how demographic information will be used are invited to contact their team’s Senior HR Partner. 

Expertise and partnership to ensure success 

Human Resources has established an advisory Total Rewards group and engaged to conduct the study. Human Resources will work alongside both partners to ensure technical expertise and Universitywide input. After a solicitation and request-for-proposal process,, a third-party vendor, has been chosen as the University’s partner to guide and support the Compensation Equity Study. has conducted many similar studies and specializes in higher education and organizations with multiple employee classes. 

Total Rewards and Compensation Subcommittee: Formerly known as the Compensation Subcommittee, the TRCS is broader in scope and discusses pay and compensation issues as well as other Total Rewards topics. Members represent constituents across employee classes, role types and affinity groups, to include the Council of Chairs, Staff Senate and Faculty Senate.  

The TRCS helped solicit and provided advice in selecting the third-party vendor. Furthermore, the TRCS will partner with HR and to advise, give insight into University protocols and share input as it relates to compensation and pay to further support the study.  

HR is excited to begin this work and thanks employees for ensuring that their personal information has been verified and updated in Workday. For questions about this study, please contact your HR Senior Partner: