Recently, the field of Artificial Intelligence has seen rapid growth in the development of generative AI models, including large language models. These models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are capable of generating fluent, seemingly authoritative, humanlike text, marking a shift in the capabilities of freely available generative AI.  

In higher education, generative AI is already being used in various applications such as automated essay scoring, language translation and even content creation. These tools have the potential to enhance educational experiences by allowing for more personalized and efficient learning, as well as reducing the workload of educators. However, there are real concerns about these tools: academic misconduct, ethics, biases in AI and a wide range of implications for the future of education and employment. 

Metropolitan State University of Denver is aware of the growing use of generative AI, the potential benefits that this technology offers and the potential for misuse among students. It is important to explore the impacts of these tools on students and faculty and to carefully consider the benefits and limitations these models bring. 

AI events

MSU Denver is excited to host a discussion on this cutting-edge technology and its implications. 

First Year Writing AI Discussion 
Feb. 21
4-5 p.m. via Zoom
Please contact Jessica Parker if interested in attending. 

AI and the Future of the Academy: ChatGPT and its effects on academic rigor and student expectations
Feb. 28
1:45-3 p.m.
JSSB 400 and livestream
RSVP here. 

Open Forum on Generative AI 
March 3
10 a.m.
Register here.
Please visit the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design’s Events Calendar for more dates.  

D-phi is also hosting “Artificial Inspiration: Reexamining creativity and understanding with Chat GPT”

March 8

2 p.m.

Hear from scholars of computer science and philosophy as well as Chat GPT itself. Join the event live at

In preparation for these discussions and to gain a glimpse into the range of perspectives, MSU Denver is also doing some quick, crude information-gathering. Please consider filling out a short survey regarding your concerns and excitement on this topic. 

Please view and complete the survey here. 

Lastly, the CTLD has begun a collection of resources to help explain generative AI, explore its impact on higher ed and address practical questions for instructors. View that page at the CTLD’s Ready website. 

It is important to remember that the introduction of all new tools and technologies is followed by a time of change and uncertainty. Generative AI is a new undertaking for MSU Denver and the CTLD, as well as all higher-education institutions. As such, our efforts and website are starting with the most basic, essential and relevant information. This resource will continue to grow as the University collectively discovers new information, challenges and solutions.