The Office of Online Learning invites faculty members to apply for the spring Center for Teaching, Learning and Design Course Development Cycle cohort. 

Each semester, more than 20 dedicated faculty members join the cohort to collaborate with their departments, the Office of Online Learning and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design to enhance Metropolitan State University of Denver course offerings. Participants receive support in producing high-quality, high-impact courses, which can be new or existing courses offered in any format — asynchronous online, fully in person or anything in between.

The cohort includes:

  • Unmatched instructional media and accessibility support from the CTLD Instructional Design Group to (re)develop and launch courses that deliver the highest-quality teaching and learning experiences. 
  • Access to the CTLD’s instructional-design process, which weaves together faculty subject-matter expertise with industry-leading best practices in teaching and learning. 

Learn more

More information on the development-cycle experience can be found on the CTLD’s Course Development Cycle webpage.  


After reviewing and discussing with their department chair, interested faculty members are encouraged to complete the Course Development Interest Form 

Evaluation and stipend process 

Following completion of the development process, courses will be evaluated according to MSU Denver Online Course Design Standards. Faculty members whose course meets or exceeds these standards will be paid a stipend of $5,000. 

Ask a question

Please contact Haley Murphy, manager of online-program development, to learn more. 

Cheers to last spring’s cohort participants

Congratulations to the following faculty members for their commitment to developing high-quality, high-impact courses and helping students connect meaningfully with content. 

  • Andrea Maestrejuan 
  • Andrew Holt 
  • Annmarie Greer 
  • April Schofield 
  • Carolyn McGary 
  • Desire Anastasia 
  • Jessica Voorhis 
  • Joanna Cummings 
  • Judy Strathearn 
  • Kamran Sahami 
  • Kellie Zolnikov 
  • Laurel Lane 
  • Lina Martin Corredor 
  • Michael Botyarov 
  • Patrick Griswold 
  • Rebecca Canges 
  • Sanaa Riaz 
  • Shawn Worthy 
  • Sonny Dhoot 
  • Tina Herring 
  • Ting Jiang