The Auraria Emergency Preparedness, Coordination and Recovery Committee, in partnership with the Auraria Campus Police Department and Auraria Higher Education Center Facilities, will conduct fire evacuation drills in campus buildings beginning Monday, Aug. 28. Drills will be conducted between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and will last approximately 20 minutes each.  

Participation in fire evacuation drills is mandatory when on campus for all students, faculty members and staff members unless otherwise instructed.  

Fall 2023 Fire Evacuation Drill Schedule  

Monday, Aug. 28 

  • Assembly Athletic Complex 
  • 5th Street Hub 
  • Administration 
  • Facilities 
  • Facilities annex 
  • Modulars 
  • 9th Street Park 
  • Hospitality Learning Center and Springhill Suites  

Tuesday, Aug. 29 

  • Confluence 
  • Cherry Creek 
  • Boulder Creek  
  • Bear Creek 
  • Clear Creek  

Wednesday, Aug. 30 

  • Science 
  • PE 
  • Jordan Student Success 
  • Aerospace and Engineering Sciences 
  • Seventh Street Classroom  

Thursday, Aug. 31 

  • Plaza 
  • King Center 
  • Arts 
  • Central 
  • West 

Tuesday, Sept. 5 

  • North 
  • Library 

Friday, Sept. 8 

  • Tivoli 
  • City Heights 
  • Lynx Crossing 

During a fire evacuation drill, follow these steps:  

  • If you are ever unsure whether a fire alarm is a drill or a real event, always evacuate the building. Check your mobile device. Real events will be accompanied by an Emergency Notification.  
  • Never ignore a fire alarm and know at least two ways to exit the building.  
  • Leave all nonessential belongings.  
  • Follow laboratory-specific safety protocols and secure hazardous or dangerous materials or equipment.   
  • If a fire alarm sounds, immediately proceed to the nearest exit in a safe and orderly manner (do not run). Avoid using elevators.  
  • After exiting, proceed to the designated evacuation rally points or move to a safe location 300 feet away. 
  • Conduct an accountability roll call for all students, faculty members and staff members within your classroom, lab or office space.  
  • Remain at the evacuation rally points. Do not reenter the building until directed by emergency personnel.  
  • For people with disabilities and those with access and functional needs, please support and use the buddy system. Gather at designated location and notify ACPD (303-556-5000) of your location.   

Fore more information on emergency procedures and preparedness, visit the MSU Denver emergency communications webpage.