Metropolitan State University of Denver, the Auraria Higher Education Center and fellow tri-institutional partners continue to work together to increase employee and student safety across our shared campus, while also ensuring that all community members feel welcome and have the efficient access they need to work and learn. 

With the help of an external safety consultant, AHEC over the summer led a building-access-and-safety pilot program to secure all exterior doors in the West and Central Classroom buildings. The buildings were accessible only to people with Campus ID badges.   

Phases and dates

Based on the success of that program, AHEC will roll out an expanded building-access initiative campuswide this semester. The initiative will be implemented in three phases, meaning students and employees will need their badges to access more campus buildings as the project progresses: 

  • Today through Sept. 1: Campus building entrances will operate as they have been operating through the spring and summer semesters. However, the Central Classroom Building will require Campus ID-badge access.  
  • Sept. 2-Oct. 1: Reduced entry — limited number of doors will be open. Locked campus building entrances will direct visitors to unlocked Campus ID-badge-access entry door(s). 
  • Oct. 2 onward: All campus buildings will operate under three categories of access: open, limited entry and ID-badge entry only. 

Following this summer’s pilot program, AHEC gathered feedback and data that indicated the program was effective and well-received and that it improved the real and perceived security of campus facilities. 

Students and employees should remember to carry their Campus ID badges at all times while on campus. 

  • All students, staff members and faculty members will have ID-badge access during building hours. Most classroom buildings will be accessible via Campus ID badge Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. with additional hours on the weekends. 

Please visit the AHEC Building Access Program website for more details on this phased approach to campus access and safety, including Frequently Asked Questions, contact information, maps outlining doors with ID-badge access and more.