Is Metropolitan State University of Denver delivering on its diversity, equity and inclusion goals and values? The 2024 Campus Climate Survey allows all students and employees to weigh in with honest, confidential feedback. 

Every three years, Roadrunners are invited to share their experiences and perceptions of institutional culture via the comprehensive Campus Climate Survey. The 2024 survey, which will open March 4, builds on findings and insights from the 2021 initiative and focuses on campus life, structural diversity, belongingness, equity and inclusion as well as any instances of discriminatory behavior. Additionally, it seeks to understand how well the University cultivates, nurtures and sustains a culture of inclusive teaching, learning and practice, based on the principles of equity, inclusion, access and anti-racism. 

What you need to know about the Campus Climate Survey 

  • The survey window will be open from March 4-31.  
  • The survey typically takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. 
  • Initial findings will be shared at the April President’s Cabinet meeting. 
  • Full results will be disseminated to the campus community next fall. 

Changes implemented since 2021 Campus Climate Survey 

  • Increased infrastructure and support for faculty and staff affinity groups  
    • During the 2023-24 academic year, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Provost’s Office and Human Resources have collaborated to develop additional supportive infrastructure for faculty/staff affinity groups, as well as support the development of new affinity groups (e.g., LGBTQ+ faculty-and-staff affinity group).  
  • Provide resources on DEI practices that connect to our mission 
    • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion collaborated with Human Resources, the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design, and Faculty Affairs to provide training and support to recruit and retain faculty members with diverse identities, through activities such as developing and disseminating promising practice briefs, supporting the Roadrunner Faculty Academy and contributing to the Leadership Academy. 

Why is this data important? 

  • Campus Climate Survey data will play a crucial role in shaping MSU Denver’s efforts to foster a more inclusive, equitable and supportive campus environment. 
  • Data will directly inform the development of policies, strategies and targeted interventions aimed at addressing areas of concern and enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion.  
  • Insights will help refine training and development programs, improve support services and monitor progress and effectiveness of implemented measures.  

How is the Campus Climate Survey different from the Energage Employee Engagement Survey? 

  • The Campus Climate Survey explores all Roadrunners’ perceptions and experiences with diversity, equity and inclusion, while the Energage Employee Engagement Survey assesses overall employee engagement and workplace culture. 
  • The Campus Climate Survey is not an external tool. It was developed by MSU Denver DEI leaders through comprehensive research and collaboration with students and employees. 
  • This confidential, homegrown survey aims to capture the unique experiences and perspectives related to DEI at MSU Denver.  
  • The insights gained are specifically intended to inform and drive DEI initiatives on campus, making it a crucial tool for fostering a more inclusive and equitable University environment.