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The Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry, or D-phi, aims to enrich Denver’s intellectual and cultural life through programs designed to reframe our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and stimulate dialogue about human thought, history, science, art and culture. D-phi organizes roundtable discussions, art exhibits, film screenings, theatrical performances, and lectures centered on major themes, issues or questions of abiding human concern. We host both local and international experts, artists, and some of the ‘greatest minds of our time.’

Upcoming Events

How I See the Skies

Honors Colloquium Panel

Date TBD

“For if anyone should come to the top of the atmosphere or should get wings and fly up, he could lift his head above it and see, as fishes lift their heads out of the water, so he would see things in that upper world; and, if his nature were strong enough to bear the sight, he would recognize that that is the real heaven.” -Plato

Across civilizations and over millennia, humans have viewed the sky with admiration and wonder. The sky has not only inspired curiosity about the nature of the reality, but it has also served as a mirror for reflecting upon the human condition and our place within the universe. Drawing upon the expertise of an interdisciplinary group of scholars and scientists, “How I view the skies” will explore the fascinating and varied relationships that humans have had, and continue to have, with the sky. Scientific discoveries and artistic expressions will serve to elucidate the transformative impact that the sky has continues to play within human culture. Join an environmental scientist, a photographer, a historian, and a philosopher for this open panel discussion and engage in this semester’s Honors Colloquium dialogue.

“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” Across cultures and millennia, humans have viewed the sky in wonder and awe and inspiration and curiosity.” -Immanuel Kant

Understanding the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence in the Public Imagination

September 21-23 (3 Day Conference)

Public consciousness regarding the Holocaust and other genocides has reached a critical juncture in American society. A recent survey on Holocaust awareness revealed a fundamental lack of knowledge about the Holocaust among 18 to 39-year-old Americans. At the same time, incidents of Holocaust denials, anti-Semitism, racialized violence, and significant ignorance and disregard for the Genocide visited upon Indigenous communities persist in public discourse. With the regular and troubling misuse of historical comparisons by public officials and a newly invigorated ideologically driven attack on public education, we have reached a critical moment.


Keynote Address – Susan Neiman, PhD (Einstein Forum, Germany)

Sept 22, 5–7 PM

Tivoli Turnhalle

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Denver Film Festival


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