May 20, 2024

Dear Roadrunners,

As cleanup proceeds, and upon recommendation from AHEC, MSU Denver will continue to operate remotely on Tuesday, including student services. Auraria Campus buildings will be accessible only to key personnel whose badges have been authorized through the campus’ building-access system. Those who have been pre-identified by their departments should report to work in-person. For students with scheduled appointments, please call ahead to move to a virtual option or to reschedule.

Beginning Wednesday, May 22 at 7:00 a.m., all employees and students will have access to buildings via their campus ID badge, and on-campus activities will resume.

If necessary, please be prepared to pivot back to remote operations. You will be notified of any operational changes as quickly as possible.

To speed up the restoration of campus, the Tivoli Quad will be closed until further notice for repairs. I’d like to thank our partners at AHEC and our custodial staff for all the extra time and hard work they’ve put into cleaning and restoring the quad and other outdoor spaces, where occupants of the encampment left behind waste, camping equipment and other materials.

Though Friday evening’s move to modified building access was primarily driven by the escalating behaviors on the part of those in the encampment, Monday and Tuesday’s shift to remote operations was made in the interest of campus cleanup and restoration.

The health and safety of MSU Denver students, employees and visitors is our top priority and is always the first consideration when we’re making decisions, followed by the ability to fulfill the University’s academic mission. Thank you for your continued grace and flexibility over the past month.

Our communications team will provide relevant updates on our campus-demonstration webpage, which includes links to resources for yourself and our students.

Donald L. “Larry” Sampler, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer
Vice President for Administration, Finance and Facilities

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