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Hong Sangsoo

Film Screenings and Discussions

Join Dr. Adam Graves and Dr. Boram Jeong for a live lecture and discussion on the films of South Korean filmmaker Hong Sangsoo

Discussion is LIVE Thursday, July 9 at 7pm MST! 


See Sangsoo's films on the SIE Film Center Stream before the talk!

Limited free tickets are available-- email to request yours!


Film links and descriptions below:





South Korean director Sang-soo Hong has an idiosyncratic style that is so hard to pin down that American critics have compared him to both Woody Allen and Eric Rohmer—two filmmakers who arguably have little in common aside from their mutual obsession with the mysteries of amorous relationships.  Sang-soo’s films also revel in their own intimate and incredibly honest explorations of human desire, the contingencies of love and the mishaps of mutual misunderstanding.  As critic Nicolas Rapold writes, Sang-soo is “a chronicler of the human condition and the pleasures and pitfalls of attraction.” ( ). 

But what sets Sangsoo apart from some other chroniclers of the human condition is his profound recognition that the challenges which threaten human happiness often have less to do with uncontrollable external circumstances than with one’s own internal and often unpredictable desires; and that the greatest obstacles to human relationships stem from within, from one’s capacity to be surprised and even caught off guard by oneself.

Sang-soo Hong, one of most distinctive and prolific filmmakers of the past several decades, is well-known to international film festival goers.  But due to a general lack of distribution, his fascinating body of film remains a vast and unexplored terrain for most American audiences.  Sie Film offers viewers a rare chance to experience a range of his work, and to explore its rich and complex themes of desire, contingency, and miscommunication with two philosopher, Boram Jeong (Assistant Professor, CU Denver) and Adam Graves (Professor, MSU Denver).

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