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Welcome to one of the most respected ROTC programs in the United States - the MSU Denver area Mile High Charlie Company!

Our Military Science Department invites you to enroll in our exciting program and be a part of our proud ROTC tradition that dates back to 1918.

Our program focuses on attracting top quality Scholar-Athlete-Leaders from here on campus as well as from high schools, partnership, and affiliate colleges.

We assist students in becoming the future leaders of the United States Army by developing their leadership abilities and instilling responsibility, integrity, and a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Take the Challenge!

MSU Denver: 303-352-7419
633 Curtis Street, Modular Building MO-1

Enrollment and Scholarships: 303-492-3549

Download our Army ROTC Golden Buffalo Battalion Program Guide



Our office is located at 633 Curtis Street, Modular Building MO-1 (near Facilities Management).  The closest parking lots are Holly at $6.00 per day, Fir at $4.50 per day, or Beech at $3.00 per day.  The Juniper parking lot is permit only from 8:00 am-5:00 pm, however, after 5:00 pm you are allowed to park in Juniper at a cost of $4.50 for the remainder of the day.

Please note that although our physical address has changed, our mailing address will remain the same.

Auraria Campus Map

Mailing Address:

MSU Denver

Department of Military Science, Army ROTC

Campus Box 8

PO Box 173362

Denver, CO 80217-3362


New Location:

633 Curtis Street

Modular Building MO-1

Denver, CO 80217

Phone: (303) 352-7419

Fax: (303) 352-7170