Get the help you need before and after your graduation date

MSU Denver has a diverse array of student services and programmatic  opportunities to help all students of various abilities, needs, and backgrounds succeed in their higher-education experience. Here are some of the highlights:

Academic and Career Support

The Classroom to Career Hub

Tutoring session in a classroom setting.The C2 Hub is an innovative hub designed to to meet the growing economic and workforce needs of Colorado. The C2 Hub prepares you to take the next step in your career. Participate in industry hiring events, career-prep workshops, employer networking opportunities and professional partnerships.

Alumni Relations

We offer in-person and online career resources to help you land your dream job via career coaching, job fairs, networking groups and more.

The Tutoring Center

Providing academic support, offering one-on-one tutoring, study groups and resources to support learning across all subjects. Whether your goal is to catch up, keep up or do better, the Tutoring Center is a free resource.

The Writing Center

Offering expert guidance and assistance at all stages of the writing process, foster effective communication skills and enhancing overall writing proficiency. Whether you’re seeking support for a class, writing scholarship applications, or more, look to the Writing Center.

The Access Center

Ensuring that students with disabilities have equitable access to all University programs, services and activities by empowering a supportive, accessible and inclusive learning environment.

Health and Wellness

The Health Center at Auraria

"Health Center at Auraria" vehicle window decalCommitted to the wellness, safety and security of the Roadrunner community, providing comprehensive, low-cost medical and mental-health services to all students.

Counseling Center

Offering confidential counseling services to support students’ mental health and well-being, providing a safe space for personal growth, emotional resilience and academic success. Balancing college life can be difficult. The Counseling Center can help.

Student Engagement

The Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion

A group of students walking through a snowy Auraria Campus.(CMEI) fosters an inclusive environment where students can grow academically, socially and professionally. Programming and services include Met Media, a student-driven multimedia platform; student organizations and leadership programs; and equity and racial-justice programs.

First-Generation Initiatives

Offering leadership opportunities, events and resources for all who identify as a first-generation college student.

The College Assistance Migrant Program

(CAMP) at MSU Denver is a grant-funded scholarship program by the U.S. Department of Education designed to meet the academic, financial and social needs of migrant/seasonal farmworkers and their children in pursuing higher education.

Immigrant Services Program

Addressing the most common educational challenges faced by students who share the immigrant identity. ISP offers counseling; assistance and access to campus resources; and service to and representation for undocumented, DACA, refugee and international students and community members.

TRIO Student Support Services

Empowering student from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing personalized support, academic advising, mentoring and resources to promote your academic achievement, retention and graduation.

The LGBTQ+ Student Resource Center

A tri-institutional office serving all genders and sexualities on the Auraria Campus, dedicated to fostering acceptance and understanding by educating the campus community and developing programs that unite diverse communities of people. You belong here!


Veteran and Military Student Services

Assisting veteran students with the transition from military to student life. The program helps students maximize the use of educational benefits, remove barriers, advocate for their needs and build community support.