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The burden of teaching innovation and working within institutional compliance lands squarely on art educators. In this exhibition, Colorado art teachers share work that responds to the contemporary school climate.

Radical Compliance

A local chapter of the National Art Education Association, Colorado Art Education Association is the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts educators in Colorado working to advance visual arts education with the intent to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding.

Wayfinding to Sustainability

Theory Loves Practice is a Metropolitan State University-sponsored research group that brings art educators together monthly to cultivate contemporary arts practices in our classrooms.

Artists traditionally break molds, betray expectations, document and respond to current events and art teachers are no exception. As teachers, they are challenged with developing space for radical ideation while complying with assessment and evaluation standards. In this exhibition, Colorado art educators explore the opposing forces inherent in their profession through art.

  • Cecily Cullen, Curator

Artists in the Exhibition

Gwen Ahlers

Adrean Andrus

Cathryn Bay-Fowler

Stacey Bernstein

Carol Boodakian

Cindy Burkhart

Bethany Conrad

Mike Carroll

Michael Cellan

Kayla Chalk

Kim Chlumsky

Lisa Cross

Jesus Diaz

Kate Dulaney

Pam Farris

Karen E. Foote

Barbara Gal

Tim Gianulis

Vickie Graber

Erin Huybrechts Davis

Jennifer Jeannelle

Barbara Jack

Emily Knight

Sheri LeBeau

Kelly Mansfield

Mary McDonald

Annie McInnes

Sarah Mitchell

Cathy Moore

Cathy Jo Opfer

Alexandra M. Overby

Lori Presley

Ben Quinn

Michael Rieger

Illy S. Reiling

Paula Rowinski

Virginia Schick

Rick Sigler

Laura Svigel

Jane Thomas

Amy Ward

Pilar Ward (Heslin)

Merelee Syron-Whitcomb

Faith Williams

Karen Wilfield