The Center for Visual Art is honored to have the work of several internationally renowned artists and muralists grace our building. Murals are a wonderful way to bring contemporary art into the everyday and beautify urban spaces. Learn more about each artist, their techniques and the concepts explored in their work below.




As an artist with Access Gallery for over 10 years, AJ is an integral part of the Art District on Santa Fe community. This mural is designed by AJ and painted by Access Gallery Teaching Artist Andre Rodriguez. As Andre wrote, “AJ wanted to highlight the aspects of the neighborhood that speak to him very much, including but not limited to: music, running, going to school, driving to work, jumping because the sun is shining, dancing, dodging sketchy characters, and yes, sometimes feeling like a robot.”

Evan Hecox


Colorado-based artist Evan Hecox creates work from his own source material – photographs, sketches and found materials – that investigates and captures the essence of urban environments. Hecox’s mural for CVA references national surveillance programs, and the design alludes to CCTV (closed circuit television).

Sandra Fettingis


Sandra Fettingis is a Denver-based artist who creates site specific sculpture, installations and murals inspired by the concepts of mindful living, pattern breaking and the law of attraction. Fettingis uses systematic guidelines, repetition and purposefully restrained color palettes with moments of change in her work. Fettingis is interested in how practice and materials can transform environments, enveloping viewers in thoughtfully activated and changed spaces where architecture and art seamlessly coexist, creating a sense of place in a community.

Jaime Molina


Jaime Molina is a MSU Denver alum who creates large-scale murals, fine art sculptures and paintings based on the citizens of Cuttytown. Cuttytown is a place just between reality and fiction where personal experiences and ac- quaintances evolve into tall tales and folk characters. Molina’s CVA mural was inspired by his time spent as a printmaking student at MSU Denver.

MSU Denver Mural Class


MSU Denver Professor Carlos Frésquez teaches an
annual summer mural class where students get hands
on experience in public art. The 2015 class created these 4 collaborative murals.

Community Painting Mural Class 2015:

Susan Austgen
Laura Beacom
Alanna Danielson
Michaela Gaines
Michael Lee
Kara Maguire
Ashley Ortiz
Mandi Quinn
Jessica Sellke
Brianna Walker



SWOON is a visual artist and printmaker who explores the relationship between people and their built environments. Her mural is inspired by the people of Haiti, New Orleans and Oaxaca all highlighting human triumph. Although these regions have faced significant hardships, SWOON depicts the strength and compassion of their people. In this mural, the original sketches were converted to linocuts, printed and painted onto the wall with other components layered throughout with a mixture of wheat paste and gel medium.

Ramon Trujillo


An alumni of Metropolitan State University of Denver, Ramon’s work may be familiar to some from past CVA exhibitions. His new mural on the west end of the CVA parking lot Last Dance?, invites viewers to openly interpret his work through dialogue. His philosophy as an artist is that “life is a constant push and pull, and it’s about finding a happy medium.”

Eriko Tsogo


Mongolian American multi-disciplinary artist Eriko Tsogo was inspired by Baba Vanga’s prophetic vision that the universe will end in the year 5079 for her mural titled Hero5079. The mural speaks to who will be the heroes of that time. Eriko writes, “I want my mural to signify inclusivity and diversity, to stand out as a unique and radical symbol of community empowerment. This mural seeks to expand perspectives to create stronger, more inclusive  communities.”

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