May 31 – August 18, 2018


Pink Progression is an exhibition addressing concepts of human rights, gender, sexual identity, feminism and inclusivity. Pink Progression is a series of exhibitions commemorating and celebrating the solidarity established during the women’s marches in 2017 and 2018. During the marches, pink created a strong visual statement representing unity and empowerment. For the CVA exhibition, over fifty local artists incorporate or respond to this hue as they explore how social interactions are affected by gender and identity expression.

Within Pink Progression, themes of human nature are exposed in concepts of compassion, empathy, power struggles and oppression. Some artists describe how the women’s marches inspired thoughts of what contemporary feminism means, how it affects non-binary people, and how it can incorporate revolutionary ideas of inclusivity. Others memorialize landscapes, drawing parallels between the way land and women’s bodies are being threatened. Other artists refer to the concepts of women as self-reliant, receptive and continually evolving and transforming. Some draw you into their work to build a sense of intimacy and relatability while others provoke the viewer with visual representations of blatant injustice.

Mrinalini Chakraborty, co-organizer of the Women’s March on Washington stated, “It’s about standing up for, as well as standing beside, various minority groups, whether they are women, or religious or ethnic minorities, whether they are LGBTQIA community, these groups whose rights are being threatened…”

Pink Progression brings together a community of artists creatively exploring intersectionality, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Pink Progression was conceived of and organized by Anna Kaye. The CVA iteration features different work from the previous Pink Progression exhibitions. Many of the artists have created new work for the CVA exhibition.


  • Cecily Cullen, Curator

Artists in the Exhibition

Tya Anthony

Fawn Atencio

Libby Barbee

Michael Bernhardt

Tonia Bonnell

Mindy Bray

Trine Bumiller

Katie Caron

Danielle Cunningham Tierney

Rachael Delaney

Rebecca DiDomenico

Sally Elliott

Steven E Frost

Melissa Furness

Jennifer Ghormley

Ania Gola-Kumor

Emma Hardy

Kim Harrell

Ana María Hernando

Veronica Herrera

Tsehai Johnson

Margaret Kasahara

Anna Kaye

Rian Kerrane

Mary-Ann Kokoska

Sandy Lane

Viviane Le Courtois

Suchitra Mattai

Irene Delka McCray

Daisy McGowan

Laleh Mehran

Amy Metier

Susanne Mitchell

Kelly Monico

Sophie Lynn Morris

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

Kate Woodliff O’Donnell

Mark Penner-Howell

Jennifer Pettus

Bonnie Ferrill Roman

Martha Russo

Ajean Ryan

Julia Rymer

Dylan Scholinski

Natascha Seideneck

Sue Simon

Frankie Toan

Chinn Wang

Melanie Yazzie



Fawn Atencio & Susan Vaho

Mindy Bray & Sophie Lynn Morris

Katie Caron & Marie Perrin-McGraw

Sally Elliott & Bonnie Stolzmann

Melissa Furness & Estee Bershof

Jennifer Ghormley & Jodi Stuart

Kim Harrell & Katie Hoffman

Tsehai Johnson & Edie Tavel

Anna Kaye & Mark Brasuell

Irene Delka McCray & Karen Keilpikowski


Constance E. Boyle

Sommer Browning

Jessica Comola

Laurie Duncan

Jami Frush

Janice Gould

Diana Khoi Nguyen

Kim O’Connor

Eleanor Perry-Smith

Natanya Ann Pulley

Jessy Randall

Phuong Thao Vuong

Tanaya Winder

Comic Artists

Kevin Caron and Brian Essig-Peppard

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