The 965 Project Gallery is a student-led space that provides premiere professional development opportunities to students interested in fine art curation and arts administration.

Grounds for Change - May 18 - August 5, 2023

The 965 Project Gallery presents Ground for Change, a collaborative installation examining the issue of gun violence in America’s schools. Featuring the artwork of MSU Denver students Xtna d’Luna and Allison Nicolosi-Risinger-Risinger, the installation provides a place for discussion and offers resources for viewers to engage with organization that are raising awareness and petitioning for change.

MSU Student Curators

Andrew Cline and Kristi Zaragoza


Surface Deep - January 13-March 25, 2023

The exhibition, Surface Deep, offers the visual narratives of two photographers as they explore our neglected landscape. Devon Wiggers and Lauren Winges are each emerging artists who push past a superficial, merely scenic representation of the earth, instead engaging in brief studies of socio-ecological systems within the Southwest. By investigating the interaction between human intervention: farming, agriculture and urbanization, and the environment’s ability to self-rejuvenate, these artists are invested in depicting images that examine on-going shifts in our natural habitat. The bodies of work displayed here apply a documentarian perspective, using diverse photographic processes, which serve to record the lay of the land today.

MSU Student Curators

Andrew Cline and Kristi Zaragoza


Inherently Human - November 11 - December 09, 2022

The 965 Project Gallery at CVA presents an exhibition of work created by the Art + Action Lab Summer 2022 interns.


Alan G, David Grajeda Gonzalez, Luke Hargrave, Erika Jackson, Lola Jimenez, Adelaide Krabbenhoeft, Nikia Parker, Rinyin, Greta Sexton, Ainsley Silberhorn


[a]vocation - June 17 - August 13, 2022

MSU Denver’s Department of Art student employees takeover CVA’s 965 Project Gallery in [a]vocation. The demands of classes, work schedules and creative practice are carefully balanced by nine student artists to produce exceptional works of art. On view in conjunction with Collective Nouns: MSU Denver Art Department Exhibition.


Zak Ashburn, Andrew L. Cline, Rachael Isabella Day, Gabe Hutchings, Cindy Loya, Lindsey Miller, Allison Nicolosi-Risinger, Mary Sullivan, Anthony Telles


965IlluminationetMystery (2)

Magick Hospital · July 30 - October 16, 2021


The 965 Project Gallery presents Magick Hospital. Featuring work from Hexus Collective, Magick Hospital is a sight-specific installation that explores ritualistic practices performed through modern medical intervention and how these rituals become a protective armor. Contemplating their relationships to physicality, spirituality, and dimensionality in connection with the illnesses they live with every day, the artists use multi-media installation and performances to ask questions regarding the treatment of those with visible and invisible illnesses and disabilities, and whether these treatments serve to make the patient comfortable or to make able-bodied society feel at ease. Magick Hospital highlights medicine as concealment from the constructed stigmas surrounding disability and as a spell of protection against bad spirits and health.

MSU Student Curators

  • Lizeth Hernandez and Shari Myers in collaboration with Hexus Collective


Linked · May 21 - July 17, 2021


965 Project Gallery presents LINKED (Living In New Kindred), featuring works through which the artists reconnect with their parents’, grandparents’, and their own stories of transitioning from the places they were to where they are now. These works speak personally to the journeys taken to the United States, where the artists became bridges between their family’s experiences and their own. Each work illustrates how the artists are combining their origins with their present to form a new culture unique to themselves.

Exhibiting Artists: Lizeth Hernandez, Gabriel Hutchings, Cindy Loya, Abraham Mejia, and Sheila Mungai.

MSU Student Curators

  • Lizeth Hernandez and Shari Myers

Art + Action Teen Intern Exhibition · April 16 - October 16, 2021

A+A Intern Exhibition

Opening concurrently with the MSU Denver Student Exhibition, the 965 Project Gallery presents the Art + Action Teen Intern Exhibition. The Art + Action Lab Internship at CVA brings together students who are interested in creative careers to make art, meet with creative professionals from a wide range of industries, and build personal and professional skills and networks. The program is meant to provide an introduction to an art world that can appear mysterious and even impenetrable to those outside it.

MSU Student Curator

  • Shari Myer

Deeper Than Skin · January 8 - March 20, 2021


The 965 Project Gallery presents Deeper Than Skin. In this exhibition, Denver artists examine life experiences within the Black community. The culmination of local activism stemming from the Summer 2020 and ongoing civil rights movements highlight the continuation of the social justice timeline. The exhibition promotes community perseverance and humanizing actions.

Exhibiting Artists: Tyree Jones, Adri Norris, Yvens Saintil, and Jasmine Wynter.

The 965 Project Gallery Co-Curators hosted an artist panel on February 16, 2021. Watch the video below to hear from artists Tyree Jones, Yvens Saintil, and Jasmine Wynter about their artwork exhibited in Deeper Than Skin.

MSU Student Curators

  • Shari Myers and Molly Quinn with guest co-curators Sheila Mungai and Kendall Taylor-Wright

"Intern"al Auto-Ethnography Art + Action Teen Internship Exhibition · May 21 - July 17, 2020


The Art + Action Lab Summer Internship at the Center for Visual Art brings together students who are interested in creative careers from all over the Denver metro area. They make art to share with the public, meet with creative professionals from a wide range of industries, and build personal and professional skills and networks. The program is meant to provide an introduction to an art world that can appear mysterious and even impenetrable to those outside it.

MSU Student Curator

  • Shari Myers

Revealing · August 14 - October 17, 2020


The 965 Project Gallery presents Revealing. Clothing, hair, and accessories have the power to create protective yet expressive personal statements that enable the wearer to feel connected to culture, movements, organizations, etc.? They also have the power to undermine preconceived notions when it comes to gender, race, and sexuality. Masculinity and femininity are tropes that often dictate socially acceptable appearance, gender-roles, careers, activities, and relationships cross-culturally. More than ever, we are seeing individuals breaking through barriers of what is expected of them to perform within the bounds of their assigned gender, race, culture, or sexuality. We are also seeing repercussions from the anonymity of uniforms that make it easier to inflict violence upon the bodies that wear them for the sake of the team.

Revealing explores the ways in which articles of clothing, hair, and accessories carry within them connotations of normative behavioral expectations by exhibiting artists that address traditional conventions of gendered appearance. This exhibition focuses on fashion to create conversations surrounding societal presumptions about individual personal expression, allowing for toxic behavior to be addressed, and creating room for the celebration of marginalized communities. These conversations aid in subverting confining limitations and draw attention to the popularity of aggressive and violent professions, hobbies, and behaviors.

Artists exhibiting in Revealing are Paisley Rose Amrien, Drew Austin, Clay Hawkley, and Audrey Twigg.

MSU Student Curators

  • Kristin Smith and Grace Gutierrez, with the assistance of Shari Myers and Molly Quin

Pluralisms: Contemporary Prints from India · August 30 - October 20, 2018

Pluralisms web banner-01

Pluralisms represents a cross-section of the diverse practices and aesthetics of contemporary printmaking in India.

MSU Curators

  • Leila Armstrong, Visiting Faculty – Art History, Theory and Criticism, MSU Denver and Jade Hoyer, Assistant Professor of Art – Printmaking, MSU Denver

Extra Credit · January 12 - March 24, 2018


Through teaching, both as a professor of art at Metropolitan State University of Denver, as well as in many community outreach programs, Frésquez has mentored thousands of students to find their voice and tell their stories through art. In honor of his significant impact, CVA’s 965 Student Curated Gallery will present Extra Credit, an invitational exhibition featuring new work by over 40 of Frésquez’s former students. 

Reclamation · May 31 – August 22, 2018


By reclaiming the body, physical space, and even materiality via interventions into embedded systems, artists utilize their representational agency, displacing antiquated hierarchies while also establishing a new, boundless realm in which all people belong.

Exhibiting Artists: Jacqueline Sophia Cordova, Porscha’ Danielle, Ashley Frazier, Sydnie Ross, and Jodi Stuart.

MSU Student Curators

  • Danielle Cunningham Tierney and Amber Micciche

Propagate: A Backyard Revolution · April 4 - October 21, 2017


As a companion to Water Line: A Creative Exchange, the student-organized 965 Gallery within the CVA will exhibit Propagate: A Backyard Revolution. This exhibition showcases artists who capture the unique beauty that belongs to delicious, natural, healthy, raw, nutritional, fresh, sustainable and locally grown food sources. Though the word “food” can produce many different images for different individuals, this exhibition will focus on social change through food by providing images that beautify healthy choices which can be obtained locally through ethical and sustainable practices.

Exhibiting Artists: Meredith Feniak and Eileen Roscina Richardson

MSU Student Curator

  • Amber Micciche

Analogue Impression: Examining the Printmaking Process · May 26 - July 22, 2017


As a companion to the 528.0 Regional Juried Printmaking Exhibition, the student-organized 965 Gallery within the CVA will show Analogue Impression: Examining the Printmaking Process. This is a juried exhibition that examines the process of printmaking and provides visitors with a window into the printmaker’s studio. Programs will emphasize the educational and community aspects of the featured artwork.

Resound: Reverberation Between Artist and Place · February 3 – April 8, 2017


965 Gallery, a student-run gallery within the CVA, will feature a photography exhibition – concurrent with Presence – of four artists exploring natural environments and their relation to them. Artists include MSU Denver student Andrew Duffy, MSU Denver alumni Kristin Buck, and Colorado artists Cori Storb and Michael Sandoval.

Introspect: Unraveling the Process - November 3 · December 1, 2017

965 Project Gallery

As a companion to Plexus, the student-organized 965 Gallery within the CVA will exhibition Introspect: Unraveling the Process. This exhibition showcases the process behind the BFA Thesis program at MSU Denver. On view are student sketchbooks and concept art that show the amount of work leading up to a thesis exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists: Jonathan Chavez, Daisy Corso, Brittany Gaenzle, Hart Kryplio, Jessica Mindenhall, Alexander Romero, Elizabeth Linton

MSU Student Curators

  • Amber Micciche and Curtis Tucker