528.0 Regional Juried Printmaking Exhibition

May 26 – July 22, 2017


In May 2017, CVA hosted the 528.0 Regional Juried Printmaking Exhibition sponsored by The Invisible Museum. Using the symbolic 5280 elevation of the mile-high city, the call for entry was open to artists residing within a 528.0 mile radius of Denver. Works included hand-pulled prints and intaglio, lithography, relief, silkscreen, or experimental methods.

Celebrating the expansive diversity of contemporary printmaking found in our western region, 528.0 featured 96 works by 58 artists and was on view at CVA from May 26 through July 22, 2017.

Portrait of Daniel King: Scouting, for Men & Boys, Mark Sisson, 2016

About the Jurors

Ashley Nason is a visiting professor in printmaking at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She received an MFA from University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1999 and her work has been shown in more than 50 regional, national, and international exhibitions.

Ron Pokrasso has been an exhibiting artist and printmaker for more than 25 years. He received his MFA degree from Pratt Institute in 1975 and has had more than 40 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group shows.

Mark Ritchie is an artist working with printmaking and drawing. He received a BFA from the University of Kansas and an MFA in printmaking from Indiana University. For over two decades he has taught at the University of Wyoming.

Artists in the Exhibition

Judith Bennett

Chris Blume

Mackenzie Browning

Taiko Chandler

Catherine Chauvin

Evan Colbert

Brian Comber

Sue Crosby-Doyle

Dennis Dalton

Al Denyer

Linda Everson

Susan Fisher

Mark Friday

Sarah Fukami

Libby Garon

Jennifer Ghormley

Rosemary Grace

Maria Hettinga

Katie Hoffman

Pat Isaacs

Michael Jacobs

Vivian Jean

Tressa Jones

Joe Kimble

Gwen Laine

Tressa Lillehoff

Linda Lowry

Kathie Lucas

Mark Lunning

Jennifer Lynch

Janice McCullagh

Zachary Miller

Skye Mitchell

Johanna Mueller

J. Harley Nalley

Jonathan Nicklow

John Odin

Heather Oelklaus

Tony Ortega

Howard Paine

Kelly Pierce

Dawna Quillin

Roberta Restaino

Phyllis Rider

Cheryl Rogers

Will Ross

Liz Roth

Jeff Russell

Gregory Santos

Jude’ Silva

Mark Sisson

Irmgard Sturgell

Dean Thompson

Carol Till

Naomi Van der Lande

Chris Warot

Brandon Williams

Mami Yamamoto

Blog Posts

These blog posts are a six-part series highlighting the processes behind printmaking and the art shown in the exhibition.


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Printmaking: Relief

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Printmaking: Intaglio

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Printmaking: Monotype

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Printmaking: Lithography

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