IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory)

As a graduating CCWSC scholar you are required to take the IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) assessment & complete a certain number of learning exchanges/activities. This is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, apply this learning to your everyday practice, & connect with other scholars! By now you should have received an email from Kristin Clark, the DU CCWSC coordinator, with all the IDI details. Didn’t receive the email or have questions? Check out this CCWSC IDI summary or reach out to Kristin at [email protected].

Starting in January, we will have 8 learning exchange opportunities (you need to attend 3) – stay tuned for dates & topics!

IDI questions? Reach out to Kristin Clark at [email protected] or the CCWSC team at [email protected]

Schedule your IDI debrief before 11/30!

Have you scheduled your one-on-one IDI debrief yet? If not make sure to reach out to one of our Qualified Administrators – you need to complete your debrief by 11/30.

Interested students

Additional IDI Resources

CCWSC Scholar Orientation 2023

Did you miss our 2023 CCWSC Scholar orientation? No worries! We have a recorded session here:

Please note – the recording does not include the PowerPoint presentation – you can find that here.

Have questions about the Colorado Child Welfare New Caseworker Academy? Check out an introduction PowerPoint here & a recorded Q&A session for scholars.