The CCWSC knows that learning doesn’t stop when Scholars graduate from their social work program. That’s why the CCWSC is committed to ongoing training and professional development opportunities for our Scholars and the broader child welfare field in Colorado and beyond.

Program Graduates

Child Welfare Stipend Payback Process

All Scholars receiving a child welfare stipend commit to working for a Colorado county department of human services or Tribal child welfare agency in a child welfare capacity for one year post-graduation for each academic year they receive funding.

Graduates must locate a job within two months of graduation. If they are unable to locate a job within the contractual timeframe, they may be approved for an extension on a case-by-case basis. Graduates must demonstrate efforts to secure employment and stay in regular communication with program staff, in order to be approved for an extension.

BSSW graduates may defer work payback if they are accepted into the MSW program.

Students who do not meet the requirements of the BSSW or MSW programs, field placements, security clearance or work requirements will be required to financial repay the stipend, including interest and any associated collections costs.

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Child Welfare Stipend Work Payback Completion Form