Colorado-Specific Information

Ten Year Program Study

In 2018, the Colorado Child Welfare Stipend Program conducted a ten-year cohort study of stipend program graduates from 2006-2016. The purpose of this initial study was to better understand the following research questions:

  • How do Colorado graduates of the stipend program experience organizational commitment?
  • How does receiving a Title IV-E stipend affect their identity as a child welfare professional?
  • How does being a Title IV-E graduate affect intent to stay in the field?

In total, 202 graduates were invited to participate in a mixed methods evaluation that included an online survey and follow-up focus groups for those still working in a county child welfare agency. The survey measured individual factors (self-efficacy, job satisfaction, intent to stay, secondary trauma, burnout, coping skills, time pressure, social work education satisfaction, and exposure to violence) unit-level factors (peer support), organizational factors (organizational climate and professional development) and community-level factors (public perception of child welfare).  Focus groups facilitated discussion around identity, career paths, and experience of organizational commitment.

Colorado Child & Family Services Review

Read the full report regarding the study review.

Review & Program Improvement Plan (PIP)