The Scholars Consortium is an excellent way for undergraduate and graduate social work students to gain knowledge and experience to build a career in public child welfare in Colorado while receiving a financial scholarship!

This highly competitive program promotes best practices in child welfare through social work education. Read the full program description here!

Benefits to Scholars:

  • Academic and financial support throughout their social work education;
  • Internship in a county department of human services;
  • Participation in the New Caseworker Fundamentals training as part of their internship;
  • Networking opportunities within the child welfare field and beyond;
  • High rate of immediate employment post-graduation.

How to Qualify for a Scholarship:

  • Apply and be accepted into a participating social work program in Colorado.
  • Participate in a highly competitive application and interview with members of the Child Welfare Scholars Committee.
  • Complete all required courses and remain in good standing with your social work program.
  • Complete a field placement (internship) in a Colorado county department of human/social services or Tribal human service agency.
  • Commit to working in a Colorado county department of human services or Tribal child welfare agency for at least one year for each year a financial stipend is received.

BSW Scholarships (per year)

Urban county, full-time = $7,000

Urban county, part-time = $3,500

Rural county, full-time = $9,000

Rural county, part-time = $4,500

MSW Scholarships (per year)

Urban county, full-time = $12,000

Urban county, part-time = $6,000

Rural county, full-time = $14,000

Rural county, part-time = $7,000

What do child welfare workers do?

Child welfare workers, supervisors and managers work in a variety of capacities and with a diverse population of children, youth and families. In addition, child welfare staff work with a variety of professionals to advocate for and refer families to needed services and supports. Some of these professionals include: therapists, doctors/nurses, attorneys/judges, teachers/school professionals, among many others.  Primary responsibilities of a case worker include: intake, assessment, case planning, permanency and ongoing services across all areas of child welfare.

Child welfare scholars can participate in the Fundamentals for Case Work Practice training for new caseworkers in Colorado. This training series provides scholars with knowledge specific to child welfare policies and practices to Colorado. Participation the Fundamentals training certifies scholars to be child welfare caseworkers in Colorado post-graduation and is a great resume booster!