Every five years Metropolitan State University of Denver, Center for Visual Art reflects on the creative output of the MSU Denver art department by presenting some of the best alumni artwork. This year’s iteration Vault opens May 22 and runs through July 25.The exhibition was juried by two MSU Denver alumni who are working in the local creative industry.  The exhibition was co-curated by Leila Armstrong and Matt Chasansky. 

Leila Armstrong, MSU Denver class of 2006, is visiting faculty in Art History, Theory andCriticism. She received her Masters in Art History from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She co-curated Spatial Stories: Topographies of Change, an exhibition of contemporary photography at the Center for Visual Art in early 2015. 

Matt Chasansky began his career in museum education and curation prior to, and for a decade after, his graduation from MSU Denver in 2001. He transitioned into municipal arts administration as director of the Denver International Airport Art and Culture Program. Matt now serves as manager of the Boulder Office of Arts + Culture including public art, cultural policy, and creative sector initiatives. 

Artists in the Exhibition

Deidre Adams

Phil Bender

Neil Bigley

Mickey Boyd

Kristin Buck

Jody Chapel

Cara Coder

Andrea Crane

Valerie Dillon

Heather Doyle-Maier

Jenifer Erickson

Corrina Espinosa

Virginia Folkestad

Mark Friday

Jennifer Ghormley

Jason Lee Gimbel

Kathleen J. Graves

Celina Grigore

Kristin Gruenberger

Megan Harrison

Katy Havens

Susan Helbig

Katie Hoffman

Daniel House Kelly

Izzy Lozano

Korri Marshall

Dawn McFadden

Skyler McGee

Mary Nehls

Pattie Parkhurst

Tyler Peterson

Dania Pettus

Jennifer Pokorny

Shawn Reinoehl

Claudia Roulier

Kelsey Sailsbery

Dave Seiler

Casey Steuber

Shawn Taylor

Patrice Washington

Mario Zoots