September 25 – November 13, 2021


To celebrate 25 years of “art not” as usual, an exhibition of 2021 Artnauts members and special guests will be presented at Seidel City, an art space that is not usual.


Uncanny Times: Looking Back, Looking Forward, will feature new work by artists in the Artnauts collective. Artists will ponder these uncanny times we are in and consider, though our current times seem unrecognizable, whether there are recognizable patterns from the past. What has remained the same or cycled back? What new paradigms will we forge? These reflections span global history, the past 25 years of the Artnauts’ mission of social change, lessons learned and dreams for the future.


“This exhibition focuses on how our present time in the history of the United States has become a crisis of contention dividing our country.  The familiar has become unfamiliar.  Hate dominates life as we are inundated with media reports that bring this into consciousness on a daily basis.  The ARTNAUTS seek to create images that counter the present zeitgeist in hopes of healing our society with alternative visions. The ARTNAUTS Collective has had exhibitions in places of contention throughout the world.  We are exhibiting in our home country because the United States has become a place of contention.  The coronavirus and the present situation in race relations makes it imperative for the ARTNAUTS to exhibit work that helps us address these issues”, says Dr. George Rivera.


Offering various outdoor spaces and unique galleries in a remote setting, removed from the pace of everyday, Seidel City is an ideal location for reflecting on the past and envisioning the future. The exhibition is curated by Cecily Cullen, director and curator of the Center for Visual Art, MSU Denver.


Uncanny Times: Looking Back, Looking Forward opened September 25 and continued through November 13, 2021. Uncanny Times was curated by Cecily Cullen, hosted by Seidel City, and organized by the Center for Visual Art in cooperation with Artnauts members.

Artists in the Exhibition

Patricia, Aaron, Valerie Albicker, Doris Araujo, Lourdes Archundia, Barbara Arnold, Pamela Beverly-Quigley, Trine Bumiller, Dennis Dalton, Rachael Delaney, Rebecca DiDomenico, Michael Dixon, Luz del Carmen Vilchis Esquivel, Suzanne Faris, Melissa Furness, Quintin Gonzalez, Andrea Gordon, Kathryn Hart, Todd Herman, Ben Jackel, Rian Kerrane, Mary-Ann Kokoska, Beth Krensky, Catherine Leisek V. Kim Martinez, Faten Nastas, Jorge Ed PerezGa, Laura Phelps Rogers, George Rivera, Martha Russo, Virginia Schick, Annalee Schorr, Tina Suszynski, Cyane Tornastzky, Luis Valdovino, Rebecca Vaughn, Summer Ventis, Joo Yeon Woo, with guest artists Tya Alisa Anthony and Carlos Fresquéz.

About the Artnauts

The Artnauts is an artist collective that uses the visual arts as a tool for addressing global issues while connecting with artists from around the world. In 1996, Dr. George Rivera, professor in the Art and Art History Department at the University of Colorado Boulder founded the Artnauts with Dennis Dalton, (University of Colorado Pueblo), Dr. Beth Krensky, (University of Utah), Garrison Roots, and Luis Valdovino, (University of Colorado Boulder). Dr. Rivera has been the lead curator since the inception of the collective.

The name derives from combining the words “art” and “astronaut” as a way to describe the process of exploring uncharted territory in the world at large. The name also denotes the practice that is “not” art as usual, going beyond the confines of the traditional or conventional art world and blurring the boundaries between art, activism, and social practice. The Artnauts have worked at the intersection of critical consciousness and contemporary artistic practice to impact change for 25 years. More than 350 artists have been in the collective, participating in over 270 exhibitions on 5 continents.

About Seidel City

Seidel City is a contemporary art lab and gallery. Founded by Terry Seidel in 2016, Seidel City supports the Boulder arts community through exhibitions, performances, workshops, and lectures.