Walls, whether emotional barriers, physical structures, implied boundaries, or heavily guarded borders, permeate our lives as human beings. Since the beginning of civilization, walls have been erected to shelter and protect, to divide and separate. In the exhibition The Walls Between Us, the artist collective Artnauts was asked to make work responding to the theme of borders and barriers, literal or intangible, that separate and divide us from others. “As a response to the political divisions that are in sharp focus around the world and in particular the United States, the exhibition offers 38 different expressions of conflict”, says CVA Director & Curator Cecily Cullen. The artist’s individual explorations of the theme will be presented for public viewing from August 14 – October 17, 2020 at the Center for Visual Art.

  • Cecily Cullen, Curator

Artists in the Exhibition

Patricia, Aaron

Valerie Albicker

Doris Araujo

Lourdes Archundia

Barbara Arnold

Pamela Beverly-Quigley

Trine Bumiller

Andrew Connelly

Rachael Delaney

Rebecca DiDomenico

Michael Dixon

Suzanne Faris

Melissa Furness

Quintin Gonzalez

Andrea Gordon

Kari Greenberg

Robin Hextrum

Nicole Jean Hill

Ben Jackel


Beth Krensky

Sandy Lane

Sammy Lee

Catherine Leisek

Patrick Marold

V. Kim Martinez

Susanne Mitchell

Faten Nastas

Jorge Ed PerezGa

Laura Phelps Rogers

Kim Putnam

George Rivera

Martha Russo

Virginia Schick

Tina Suszynski

Leah Swenson

Luis Valdovino

Summer Ventis

Joo Yeon Woo

Artist Lectures