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In celebration of Mo’ Print and the end of our renovations, CVA is hosting a three-week printmaking studio with workshops, demonstrations and an exhibition that illustrates the thought and design that goes into printmaking. We invited 20+ Denver artists to share their printmaking processes, start to finish, with an emphasis on the mistakes, trials and problem solving that artists experience within/because of/in spite of their media. The In Process exhibition features process proofs, notes, sketches, and other materials to provide a visual story of the labor/love that goes into creating the final artwork.

Starting March 6 and going until March 21, we invite you to step into our studio, explore printmaking and spend some time rolling out ink and pulling prints with us!

  • Cecily Cullen, Curator

Artists in the Exhibition

Alicia Bailey

Chris Blume

Patricia Branstead

Heather Doyle-Maier

Javier Flores

Jennifer Ghormley

Theresa Haberkorn

Joe Higgins

Tara Hornung

Jade Hoyer

Leon Loughridge

Vanessa Martin

Alicia McKim-Tweed

Jenna Miles

Emily Moyer

Ashley Nason

Tony Ortega

Mandi Quinn

Molly Quinn

Virginia Diaz Saiki

Gregory Santos

Brady Smith

Mami Yamamoto