As climate change threatens our communities, it’s important that we shift practices to ensure our future. Thus, CVA has begun to conduct a study of the carbon impact for our exhibitions and has partnered with Art to Acres to develop Climate Impact Reports. We will track emissions produced daily and adapt to reduce our carbon output. Already we’ve replaced over 150 incandescent lights with LEDs to reduce energy use, and our receptions are now zero waste. We’ll continue to incorporate additional sustainable practices going forward.


CVA Carbon Impact Report

The unit of measurement tCO2e (tonne CO2 equivalent) is standard for calculating carbon output. Using this measurement, we can compare our usage to the average home, to past exhibitions, and through a growing movement of galleries committed to sustainability. With our first measurement, seen in the graphic below, we can compare our carbon output to that of other galleries.


Carbon Output Graphic


Here is a breakdown of the tCO2e measurement for CVA, as assessed during July and August of 2022, for the Banana Craze & Cultivate exhibitions.

CVA Energy Usage Graphic