Health Center at Auraria

The Health Center at Auraria exclusively serves AHEC, CCD, MSU Denver and CU Denver students, faculty and staff. We are committed to enhancing student success through innovative health services. The medical and mental health services provided by the Health Center at Auraria are designed to keep students, faculty and staff healthy so that they can thrive personally and professionally.

We are open, at this time, call 303-615-9999 BEFORE coming to the Health Center at Auraria in order to minimize your chances of exposure to COVID-19. 

Many services are now being provided by phone or Telehealth including mental health services. Please read below for COVID specific information. 


Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am to 3:00pm

Health Center at Auraria Coronavirus Services

Mental Health Assistance for those without COVID-19 Symptoms
If you are experiencing undue stress, anxiety or sense any type of discrimination to your presence on campus, but do not have any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, we encourage you to call the Health Center at Auraria to talk to a medical professional or counselor. Simply call 303-615-9999 and indicate that you would like to schedule a ‚ÄúCoronavirus Consultation‚ÄĚ. There will be no charge for this visit.

Telephone Assessment Services for those with COVID-19 Symptoms
If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms commonly associated with Coronavirus, such as such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath, please call the Health Center at Auraria at 303-615-9999. The Medical Director or one of his staff will call you, and based on your input, determine the best medical care option for you. There is no charge for this service.

CDC website with updated confirmed cases of the Coronoavirus

Official Health Center at Auraria Coronavirus Communications Letter

Auraria Campus Coronavirus Information
For up-to-date Coronavirus Information, click here.


For academic or school related Coronavirus updates, please visit the websites below for more information. 

CCD Coronoavirus Updates

MSU Denver Coronoavirus Updates

CU Denver Coronavirus Updates


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Medical and Mental Health Care

The Health Center at Auraria offers both medical and mental health services, and is open to all AHEC, CCD, MSU Denver and CU Denver students, faculty and staff regardless of their insurance plan. From primary care and preventative care to care for illnesses and injuries, the Health Center at Auraria provides comprehensive medical and mental health services. Click here to more about Medical and Mental Health Care.
patient forms

Patient Forms

To expedite the check-in process for your medical or mental health appointment, there are a variety of online/downloadable patient forms that you can complete prior to your appointment at the Health Center at Auraria. Depending upon the appointment you have scheduled will determine what forms you need to complete prior to the appointment. Click here to view all patient forms.
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The Events offered by the Health Center at Auraria is an opportunity for campus members to engage in health and wellness programs. These include the Wellness Redefined Series, Healthy Pursuits Mind Body Fitness classes and additional events each offered each semester. All events and programs are at no charge and most do not require registration. Click here to learn more about upcoming events.