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Workplace Issues

Brian Bagwell

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Professor

Expertise: Workplace violence, critical incident stress management, trauma, treating claustrophobic firefighters, and perception of threat and deescalation of violence strategies for first responders, employers and mental health clinicians.

Bagwell, Brian

Beth Frederick

Department: Management

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Modern employee organizations

Christian Hardigree

Department: School of Hospitality

Title: Dean

Expertise: Food safety, Risk management, Sustainability, Workplace violence, Employment/management issues, Bed bug litigation

Hardigree, Christian

Christina Huber

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Economics of the family, Maternal and child health, Intra-household bargaining

Mike Monsour

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Personal relationships, Professional relationships, Conflict and workplace relationships, Communication, Friendships between men and women, Friendships in LGBTQ community

Monsour, Mike

Sheldon Steinhauser

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Aging issues, Aging population, Social issues of aging, Transgenerational communications, Life expectancy and societal impact, Diversity, Civil rights, Aging workplace, Elderly in the workplace, Retirement

Steinhauser, Sheldon

Whitney Traylor

Department: Management

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Corporate law (employment, civil rights, business, litigation), Race issues, Work/life balance, Workplace issues

Traylor, Whitney

Shawn Worthy

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Professor

Expertise: Gender differences in extreme sports, Psychology and performance of high-risk/extreme sports athletes, Sports training and fear, Youth adventure therapy, Crisis intervention, Family dynamics, Family systems, High-risk youth, Teen suicide, Parenting, Workplace stress, Job-family balance

Worthy, Shawn
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