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Sally Baalbaki-Yassine

Department: Marketing

Title: Professor

Expertise: Multicultural marketing, Branding, Cross-cultural issues, International issues

Baalbaki-Yassine, Sally

Angelica Bahl

Department: Marketing

Title: Professor

Expertise: International or global marketing, including Russian and Indian markets, Russian business development, Free trade agreements in global markets, Intellectual property protection in global markets, Creativity in business practice, Consumer behavior and technology, Experiential learning in business and Marketing education.

David Bechtold

Department: Management

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Sustainability, Sustainable business strategies, Business strategy

Bechtold, David

Apryl Brodersen

Department: Management

Title: Professor

Expertise: Industrial & organizational psychology, Job analysis, Test development and validation, Performance appraisal & management, Employee training, Assessment centers, Employee attitudes & perceptions

Rogers-Brodersen, Apryl

Gregory Clifton

Department: Accounting

Title: Chair and Associate Professor

Expertise: Accounting, Tax Law, Business and individual tax planning

Clifton, Gregory

Darrin Duber-Smith

Department: Marketing

Title: Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Image and brand for candidates and parties, Green marketing, Green products and issues, Sustainability and social responsibility, Sports marketing, Direct marketing, Business-to-business marketing, Retail marketing, Consumerism, Promotion strategies, Baby Boomer marketing, Internet marketing, Super Bowl ads

Debbie Gilliard

Department: Management

Title: Professor, Chair - Management

Expertise: Strategic planning, International business

Gilliard, Debbie

Mick Jackowski

Department: Marketing

Title: Professor

Expertise: Brand management, Reputation management, Relationship management, Entrepreneurship, Franchise, Small business

Edgar Maldonado

Department: Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Open source software, Online communities, Computer security, Information systems, IT business

Maldonado, Edgar

Elizabeth McVicker

Department: Management

Title: Professor

Expertise: Water issues in the State of Colorado, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics

William B. Mesa

Department: Accounting

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Accounting and data analytics, Integrating strategic action and predictive accounting information, Data analytics impacts on accounting judgment, ethics and professional skepticism

Mesa, William

April Schofield

Department: Marketing

Title: Lecturer, Director of Center for Professional Selling

Expertise: Business, Sports business, Marketing, Sports marketing, Social media marketing, Sales, Ticket sales, Fundraising, Time management

Cory Tipton

Department: School of Hospitality

Title: Affiliate Faculty

Expertise: Regulatory structures in Colorado related to the alcohol beverage industry, casino gaming and aviation, Legislative and governance aspects of the alcohol beverage industry, Assisting new breweries, wineries, distilleries, beverage distributors and retail liquor stores, Organization of businesses including closely-held corporations and limited liability companies, Estate planning

Tipton, Cory

Whitney Traylor

Department: Management

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Corporate law (employment, civil rights, business, litigation), Race issues, Work/life balance, Workplace issues

Traylor, Whitney
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