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Arthur Campa

Department: College Assistance Migrant Program

Title: Co - Principal Investigator for CAMP, Administrator Emeritus, Associate Dean of College of Letter, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Cultural and applied anthropology, Folklore, Impact of immigration on Southwestern U.S., Relations among Latino and Chicano populations, Migrant and adult education

Ibon Izurieta

Department: Modern Language

Title: Professor, Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Historical, political, sociological, cultural, artistic and literary aspects of the coexistence of Basque and Spanish languages and cultures.

Janelle Johnson

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: STEM teaching and learning, inclusive STEM pedagogies, culturally and linguistically diverse education, broadening participation in STEM, university-school partnerships

Johnson, Janelle

Jonathan Kent

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Anthropology and prehistory, Archaeology, Historic Denver and Colorado, Native American issues

Kent, Johnaton

David Piacenti

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Globalization, Immigration and culture change, Transnationalism, Sociological and anthropological theory, Qualitative methods and ethnography, Yucatec-Mayan culture, Latin America, Globalization in Peru

Jill Scott

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Laboratory Coordinator

Expertise: Biological anthropology, Paleoanthropology (especially Homo naledi, Neanderthals and Homo sapiens), Human evolution, Human variation

Todd Yokley

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Biological anthropology, Human evolution and human fossil record, Human biological variation, Human nasofacial anatomy

Yokley, Todd
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