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Kathryn Young


Bullying, Teacher Education, Education


Intersectionality (race + disability) primarily, Cultural competence, Microaggressions, Teacher preparation

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: School of Education


Office Phone: 303-615-1340

Social Media: Linkedin


Kathryn Young, Ph.D., is an associate professor in Secondary Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver and serves as a faculty fellow with the Office of Institutional Diversity at the University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in French Education from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, a Masters of Arts in Teaching from North Carolina Central University and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy from University of California, Berkeley.

Young has worked as an educator for 18 years and in higher education for the past 7 years.??Before becoming a professor she taught French for a year, then English, Math and Science in the Peace Corps, then went on to be a special educator specializing in working with students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. Her research interests include Disability Studies in Education, Inclusive Education, Cultural Competence, Diversity in Higher Education, and Microaggressions in Education and in the Workplace. Dr. Young has 15 published papers and numerous presentations across her research interests.

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