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Nicolás Cachanosky


Bilingual, Economic Impacts, Economics, International Business, Spanish


Economics, Monetary economics, Money and banking, Macroeconomics, Business cycles

Degree: Ph. D.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Economics


Office Phone: 303-615-0129

Mobile Phone: 857-284-6365

Interviewed by: Univision, Telemundo, Infobae, Reuters, NTN24, En Suma (Colombia), La Nacion, Bloomberg, Archy Newsy

Additional Languages Spoken: Español

Social Media: Linkedin

External Links:

Economic Point of View (Spanish):  



Nicolás Cachanosky, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. His areas of interest include, macroeconomics and business cycles; money and banking; and history of economic thought and Austrian economics.

Cachanosky worked as a PhD adjunct faculty at Suffolk University and as an assistant professor of Public Finance at Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina before coming to teach at MSU Denver. He is the co-editor of the journal Libertas: Segunda Época. Cachanosly has written countless articles, several book chapters and authored two books: “Monetary Equilibrium and Nominal Income Targeting” and “Reflexiones Sobre la Economía Argentina” in Spanish, which translates to Reflections on the Argentine Economy.

He received his doctorate in economics with a dissertation on the international transmission of business cycles in the context of the 2008 financial crisis and a master’s of science in economics from Suffolk University in 2013 and 2012. Cachanosky also received a master’s of arts in economics and political sciences from ESEADE in Argentina in 2007 and a licentiate in economics from UCA in Argentina in 2004.

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