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Troy Walker

Troy Walker

B.A. Political Science '08

Laugh-maker. Litigator. Roadrunner.

From the comedy club to the courtroom, this Roadrunner alum is clearly a stand-up guy.

Troy Walker has a great job: He makes people laugh.

“I started doing stand-up as a junior at MSU Denver, in the heart of the city’s comedy scene,” he says. “This is where it started for me, and I never stopped.”

That’s an understatement. He’s performed on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” and appeared in a PetSmart commercial with actress Jane Lynch. And he even had his own show on Comedy Central’s Snapchat discover channel.

What’s more, MSU Denver helped Walker build the foundation for one heck of a backup plan if comedy doesn’t pan out: law.

“I found my academic interests here. I started as a theater major, but switched to political science because it was so interesting.”

Walker admits he hadn’t thought about law school until professors started suggesting it: “I came into college as a South High slacker and emerged as a beautiful butterfly with a full-ride scholarship to a great law school at the University of Denver. So, there’s no way I’d be where I am today without MSU Denver.”

Regardless of who likes his act, Walker has clearly run a successful – and fun – road of his own.

“Right now, I’m a full-time comedian,” he says. “No day job. It’s pretty sweet … most days I eat cake for breakfast.”

This is where lives are transformed. Where new paths unfold. Where the future spreads out in front of you.

At MSU Denver, we celebrate that each person’s road is different. Where will yours take you?


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