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image of Shane Portfolio

Shane Portfolio

MSU Denver '00

Top Gun. Top Guy. Roadrunner.

It turns out there’s a reason the word "ready" always comes before "set" and "go."

Ask Shane Portfolio (B.S. computer info sys ’00); he’ll tell you.

“MSU Denver's secret sauce is readiness,” Portfolio says. “They prepare their students to be contributing positively to organizations right away.”

If there was ever living proof that’s true, Portfolio is it. Making positive contributions and being ready are two subjects he knows plenty about. In 1993, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and spent 14 years leading combat soldiers and teaching officer academy courses as a platoon sergeant. He was also recognized as a Top Gun for Colorado.

“The army gave me a strong foundation of leadership, teamwork, selfless service and integrity,” Portfolio says. “The army values are core to me to this day.”

He then turned his attention to his education – enrolling at MSU Denver in 1996. “My roommates were already students and they all complimented their experiences,” he says. “And the veterans program made my experience of transitioning to the civilian world much easier.”

He explains that his time in class and with professors at MSU Denver prepared him to enter the workplace and accelerate through the telecommunications giant Comcast (more on that in a minute). He went on to earn several advanced degrees, including master’s degrees in organizational leadership from Regis University and in telecommunications from the University of Denver.

“But my base foundation I owe to the Army and MSU Denver,” he says.

Portfolio started at Comcast as a student in 1997. His list of positive contributions are unquestioned – he’s received six promotions. Today, Portfolio is the senior vice president of engineering and technical operations for Comcast's west division, which has 22,000 employees and 5,000 contractors. He oversees engineering, technical operations and advanced services that reach more than 6 million customers.

“I believe in servant leadership, and the niche of having technical depth and leadership combined is rare, and that’s helped me a great deal in my career,” he says.

Portfolio comes by his success honestly. He grew up in a single-mother household in Lafayette, Colorado and Chicago. “She worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. That’s where I get my work ethic — she instilled it in me and I try to emulate that every day. I had jobs since I was a teenager and believe her example was crucial.

“I also have a passion for MSU Denver. It allowed me to tackle the world with confidence and now I feel it's my responsibility to pay it forward for the current students.”

He’s doing that now as a board member of the University.

And his message to those students: “Work hard, study, listen to your professors and stay humble. Learn to collaborate with your fellow students. Everyone needs help. Ask for it and provide it when you can.”

This is where lives are transformed. Where new paths unfold. Where the future spreads out in front of you.

At MSU Denver, we celebrate that each person’s road is different. Where will yours take you?


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