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Image of Samantha Sizemore

Samantha Sizemore

B.S. Aviation Technology '15

Pilot. Defender. Roadrunner.

It actually is rocket science

Alumna Samantha Sizemore on missile defense, space station missions and getting what you want out of the college experience.

From a tiny ring of islands in the Pacific, an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile is launched into space, where an interceptor fired from California smashes it to bits.The missile tests generated international buzz this year, cited as evidence of the United States’ ability to defend against a nuclear attack. The military operations required the help of civilian defense contractors, and Samantha Sizemore landed a spot on the industry team.

No sooner, it seemed, had she accepted a full-time position with defense and aerospace contractor Orbital ATK as a systems-safety engineer than she was preparing for a launch from the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site there.

She did everything she could to gain relevant experience and training while in college – she joined MSU Denver’s Precision Flight Team before she could even fly, competing in ground events such as preflight checks and simulations, and she took part in the STK Club to add to her software skills.

With a bachelor’s in aviation technology, a minor in space commercialization, a certificate in airport management, and a private pilot’s license, she went on the job hunt fully loaded. Sizemore tried to leave college prepared for anything, and now she’s helping her country do the same.

This is where lives are transformed. Where new paths unfold. Where the future spreads out in front of you.

At MSU Denver, we celebrate that each person’s road is different. Where will yours take you?


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