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Roadways Into Developing English Skills (RIDES)

RIDES is a program to help English Language Learner (ELL) students at MSU Denver with practical writing skills not covered by a traditional writing center consultation. RIDES sessions will help ELL students with the lower order concerns (article use, punctuation, grammar, etc.) unique to their situation.

The RIDES program will pair each student with a writing center consultant trained specifically for this program. The pair will work together for the entire semester, with a commitment of a 30-minute session every week. Together, the student and consultant will identify areas of improvement, and work together to develop English language skills by working on specific assignments for class, as well as tutorials and customized exercises.

Beyond the 30-minute sessions, RIDES students will also have access to specialized tools and unique opportunities. We will also offer the option to try to work with your instructors, if desired, to identify areas for development and receive feedback on improvement.

Students who complete the program will be able to take part in a party at the end of the semester and will be eligible for prizes and awards.


** APPLY NOW! **

ELL Students can sign up for the RIDES Program by clicking the link below:

            RIDES Application 


RIDES events/seminars (SP19)

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