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MSU Denver Resources Scavenger Hunt

Help your students help themselves!  Many of your students may not be aware of all of the helpful resources found all over campus, like the Writing Center.  We would like to encourage you to use our handy Student Services Scavenger Hunt assignment, adapted from Professor Ansburg’s in the Psychology Dept.  

You can send your students on a digital scavenger hunt, a physical one, or both. And this form is completely customizeable.  Feel free to add departmental specific resources and/or something specific to your course.

We recommend assigning this in the first week or two of the semester as a group building activity to help your class get to know each other and learn about our services.  It would also be a good extra credit assignment!  

We would appreciate it if you do use this that you let us know by filling out this quick questionnaire so that we can prepare for your students in the writing center.

MSU Denver Student Resources Scavenger Hunt

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