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The Lucas Dembicki Light Award

Lucas’s life and work in the Writing Center inspired all those who he came into contact with.

In an effort to honor that spirit and light, each spring the MSU Denver Writing Center will give the Lucas Dembicki  Light Award to the WC employee who best embodies the characteristics exemplified by Lucas’s life, including but not limited to:

  • A passion for writing and helping others grow in their own writing
  • Resolve in overcoming life’s obstacles and helping others to do the same
  • A welcoming, inclusive, and accepting mindset
  • Advocacy for themselves, fellow members of the WC staff, and students
  • Compassion for all

Those who wish to nominate their peers or self-nominate should fill out this form. Nominations are due by end of day Friday, April 5th 2019. Nominations may be anonymous. You can find a sample nomination here.


Get to know Lucas' Story

Lucas Blair Dembicki’s passion for literature and creative writing started long before his days as a student at MSU Denver. As a child, Lucas could often be found with a book in hand as he was a voracious reader from a young age. Lucas was an intellect at heart and his loved ones knew him for his intense curiosity, love for storytelling, and self-proclaimed photographic memory.

Many people who came to know Lucas in recent years may be surprised to learn that this young man was an at-risk youth and high school dropout. In and out of trouble as a young person, Lucas decided to take his GED when many of his age-mates were preparing to graduate high school. Scoring second highest in the state at that time, having never been to high school, the testing officials had to investigate Lucas to make sure he didn’t cheat. He was invited to give a “valedictorian” type speech at the ceremony for all the kids across the state of Colorado receiving their GED certificate.

Lucas’s academic career began at Front Range Community College where he went on to earn an Associates of Arts with a 4.0 GPA. Not only did Lucas excel in class, he made a lasting impact through his extracurricular activities. He became the regional vice-president of communications for Phi Theta Kappa, the world’s largest, most prestigious honor society for two-year college students. It was from the communities at FRCC and PTK that Lucas blossomed in confidence, developed lifelong friendships, and began to hone his craft in creative writing.

Graduating in December 2016, Lucas earned a BA degree in English and a minor in video production. He missed his 4.0 GPA by one A-, the one grade he was most proud of. During his time at MSU Denver, Lucas made friends with most people he came in contact with. Classmates, instructors, and friends will remember his punctuating laugh, his encouraging words, and his dependable presence at the Writing Center. Lucas was also the founding force for the student-led writing and workshop group which now thrives in MSU Denver’s Writing Center.

Lucas’s life story is one of going deeper as an academic, a friend, and as a writer. He was committed to being true to himself, he was comfortable with darkness (as many of his creative writing pieces were dark), and he was a sincerely compassionate soul. His uniqueness was a light to all who knew him and his candor was refreshing. An advocate for many people, Lucas was known to be a “cheerleader” among his colleagues and supervisors in the Writing Center.

In recent years, Lucas’s family has witnessed first-hand a personal and spiritual transformation in his life. This zest for life came into focus as Lucas pursued his educational journey. He faced fears, said “yes” and always made time to show up. His ability to say, “yes” to new experiences, opportunities and friendships has become an inspiration for us as we ask ourselves, “What would Lukey do?” His ability to be fully present has been a reminder to us to remain present with our loved ones.

Lucas’s family and friends see an endowed scholarship in his name as a beacon of light to students who might have a story similar to Lucas’s. Through this scholarship, Lucas’s legacy can empower other young adults pursuing a career in the field of writing with only a GED. This is important to the family insofar as Lucas’s legacy is an inspiration to many. An endowed scholarship lasts into perpetuity. With your generous contributions in Lucas’s name, we can share his spirit of resiliency, his legacy of learning and his example of caring to generations of students.



Lucas and Love

Lucas touched the lives of many. You can read more about who Lucas was as a person, and how he is remembered by his dearest friends here.



Gone, but NEVER forgotten...

"Lucas absolutely loved everything about MSU Denver. He was so dedicated to the university's mission. It was his proudest accomplishment to get his BA from this school. Lucas truly was the perfect embodiment of MSU Denver's tagline, 'Lives Transformed.'"

Erienne R.

"Gosh, what a kind, thoughtful, and dedicated student. On a daily basis, Lucas cared about others... he noticed. He listened. He spoke intelligently and wrote brilliantly. I will miss him."

Jill Wright Adams




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