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The MSU Denver Writing Center is committed to making our space, our resources, and our website accessible and inviting for the entire MSU Denver community, regardless of ability or need.

We believe “accessibility” is both an attitude and a process. As an attitude, it encompasses ways of thinking about who we are and who we serve. As a process, it means considering how we serve and welcome the MSU Denver community. We believe “accessibility” is a process of constant tinkering and improvement.

These are our goals for accessibility:

  • The built environment of the Writing Center is inviting, comfortable, and easy to access for all individuals.
  • The website is inviting and easy to navigate, with attention to screen reader conventions and sensitivity toward the needs of people with vision and cognitive impairments.
  • Every individual who enters the Writing Center or uses our website feels welcomed.

If you have suggestions for how we can improve the accessibility of our built space, website, or any other aspect of the MSU Denver Writing Center, or if there is something that hinders your access to our built space or website, please email us.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Kleinfeld
Writing Center Director 

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