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Why You Should Work in the Writing Center

... It's more than a job — it's a community.


Peer Writing Consultant: Peer writing consultants work one-on-one (or occasionally, one-on-small group) with students in the Writing Center on all aspects of their writing, from assignment interpretation to idea generation and drafting to revising and editing. Only students with work-study awards can be considered for this position. Bilingual and non-native speakers welcomed. See details here.

Writing Center Coordinator: Coordinators answer phones and emails, greet students who come into the Writing Center, make appointments for students, maintain paperwork and files, and help support the Writing Center Director and staff members. Only students with work-study awards can be considered for this position. See details here.

Writing Center Internships: Interns may serve as writing consultants, helping students in the Writing Center. Interns may also pursue research and/or projects related to Writing Centers. Interns must have taken either ENG 3510: Composition Theory & Practice or ENG 3670: Writing Center Theory & Practice. Interns must register for ENG 3980 for 1-6 credit hours (45 hours over the semester counts as one credit hour, so if you register for three credits of ENG 3980, you should plan to work 135 hours during the semester). Please note that internships are UNPAID. For more information about internships in general, visit The Applied Learning Center's webpage.

For more information about any of these student-employment opportunities, please contact the Writing Center Director, Elizabeth Kleinfeld.

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