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Watch this short video from our project sponsors to learn more about Workday.

What is Workday?

Workday is a comprehensive human resources and financial management system that brings together a wide range of HR (Human Resources) and Finance functionality into one single and inclusive system. As a self-service tool, Workday puts the power of access and information into employees’ hands, allowing for extensive self-service functionality. Workday will enable process efficiencies across the University, empower our community to make timely strategic decisions, and offer effective tools to improve how we operate as a higher-ed institution. Watch a fun video to see what Workday can do.

Project Overview

Workday will allow MSU Denver to reimagine the business of the University, enabling organizational efficiency and empowering our community to make timely strategic decisions, support our students and core mission, and become one of Colorado’s most desired places of employment by implementing an agile, sustainable and modern system.

Why Workday?

Workday will replace Banner, our current HR and Finance management system. Banner is outdated and can no longer meet the evolving needs of our staff, faculty and students.

What are the benefits of implementing Workday?

By moving to Workday, employees will benefit from a system that is easy to use, equipped with powerful tools and provides lots of self-service functionalities that previously did not exist.

What does success look like?

Our people are our number one priority. By implementing Workday, we will boost employee engagement, maximize productivity and increase efficiency across the University – less time focused on processes and more time focused on our employees and students. We want to transform the way our employees work, making their lives and jobs easier. Workday will help us do that.


Workday FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Workday, we’ve got an answer. Check out the FAQ webpage where you’ll find commonly asked questions about the project and Workday.

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Watch the Early Bird for monthly project updates and timely information. To find past articles about Workday, visit the Early Bird webpage and search by the keyword "Workday".

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Workday Transformation Team

Visit the Workday Transformation Team in Microsoft Teams to access downloadable versions of Workday resources, like the FAQ document, job aids and other resources as they become available.

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Check out this high-level Workday project timeline to get a sense of the project scope. Over the past year, the Workday Project Team has been and will continue to diligently work to make sure every detail of the MSU Denver Workday system is prototyped and configured appropriately.

Project timeline indicating that project has entered the Test and Parallel phase with training beginning late Fall semester and a Go Live date of January 2023

Workday Tidbits This Month

Another Workday Milestone: End-to-End Testing

The Workday project recently hit another major milestone: End-to-End testing. Many key players from across the University are coming together to test business processes from start to finish to identify any gaps before going live. This critical phase of testing ensures our configuration is set up properly and runs as it should.

Several HR processes will be put through End-to-End testing. For instance, in our recruit to hire process, we’ll look at every step: recruiting, applying for a job, candidate engagement, hiring and onboarding. Some of us may be called to participate and/or give input regarding other HR business processes. Thank you in advance.

Early Bird Article Archive

As we head toward “go-live” in early 2023, the Workday project team will be communicating regularly through the Early Bird, keeping you updated on important need-to-know Workday information.


The Workday Project is a major institution-wide initiative that was made possible by generous funding from the State of Colorado. Learn why and how MSU Denver decided to implement Workday as their new Enterprise Resource Planning system on the Workday Project Background webpage.