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Wordpress Support

Below are a list of resources once you have a MSU Denver Sites wordpress site in helping you get oriented with how to use Wordpress:

Wordpress Semantics

First Steps with Wordpress

If you have any issues logging into your wordpress site or questions, please contact the MSU Denver ITS Helpdesk at 303-352-7548 or visit for assistance.

Video Tutorials

Start Here

Wordpress Dashboard

Posts vs Pages

Text Editor

Publishing your site changes



Post Formats

Working with Categories and Tags

Featured Image

Creating a Post

Managing and Editing Posts

Post Revisions (rolling back a post or page or comparing history of website changes)



Pages Interface

Creating Pages

Managing Pages


Images, Video, Audio, Files

Working with Images

Working with Videos and Audio

Working with Links

Working with Media Library (where all files are located that you upload)


Widgets and Menus

Working with Widgets (commonly the left and/or right sidebars and footer of website, depends on theme selected)

Working with Menus

Themes and Plugins

Working with Themes

Working with Plugins


Managing Comments

Settings and Management

Settings and Customization


Managing Users and Security of your site

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