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Exploring the Foundations of Bias and the work we must do to change it.

General Course Overview The origins and perceptions around explicit and implicit bias will be explored and interrupted in this online training module. Participants will be given permission to step into bias states as we commit to changing bias across multiple systems and individual behavior. Anti-bias tools, reflection, and assessment will support participants in identifying and changing negative

About Course 

This course will discuss the following topics:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Bias
  • Module 2: Naming Our Biases
  • Module 3: Hidden Biases
  • Module 4: The Brain on Bias
  • Module 5: Stepping into Bias

To receive the completion certificate when finished with this course please visit Page 4 in Module 5 and follow the instructions.

Professional Development Units

The suggested amount of Professional Development Units for this course is 5 contact hours. MSU Denver will issue a certificate of completion and it is at the discretion of state licensing agencies, school districts, or local educational agency to recognize completion for professional development credits.

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