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The WEEAC Virtual College utilizes Blackboard Coursesites to house the online courses. If you are unfamiliar with this platform here are some basic instructions to guide you through the process. Once you create an online account, you can add courses without starting the process over. At the bottom of this section is a link to the FAQ page for Blackboard.

Information needed to register

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First Name

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Email Address

Confirm Email Address


Create an Account

Username (lowercase and numbers only)


Confirm Password

Navigating the Course

Once you have created a Blackboard Coursesites account you can begin participation in available WEEAC Virtual College Courses.

1) Once you are logged in, you will be able to access the course by clicking on the Courses button on the left hand side navigation panel.

2) From the Courses page, you will see the WEEAC Virtual College Course and simply click on the course title.

3) Once you are in the course, you will see the Dashboard. This feature will not be used for the courses and will not have much information. Go to the left side panel and click Start Here to begin the course.

4) In order to obtain the certificate of completion you will need to complete the following steps at the beginning and conclusion of the course.

-Complete Post Assessment in the final module.

-Complete the Required survey on Page 3 of the last module. This includes the information needed to issue completion certificate.

-Complete Optional Survey on Page 3 of the last module.

Blackboard FAQ Page

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