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Coaches Corner

This section of the Equity in Athletics web page will highlight coaches and the experience of developing equitable practices in high school athletic programs. Podcasts, webinars, and a Virtual College course are being developed and will be housed in this section.

Prior to joining the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center, Mike Marquez spent twenty-one seasons coaching high school athletics. His coaching career began only a year removed from high school and he was hired to lead a program at the age of twenty-two. The sports coached included football, basketball, baseball, and track. He spent thirteen seasons as a Varsity Head Football Coach at three different high schools. Although he is not currently coaching, he remains connected to the coaching community in Colorado and decided to bring a focus to equity issues in high school athletics.

*Views and experiences shared by guests are their own individual opinions and do not represent the WEEAC, MSU Denver, or the employer of the guest.

Coming Soon

Podcasts - Added Weekly 

More discussions with educators, coaches, and administrators focused on equity issues in high school athletics

Webinar - Summer 2020

A panel discussion on current equity issues in high school athletics and the relationship with equity issues in learning communities.

Virtual College Course - Fall 2020

An online course on building equitable access into high school athletics programs. This course will be part of the WEEAC Virtual College with a certificate of completion issued to participants through the MSU Denver Innovative and Lifelong Learning program.

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