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Goals & Outcomes

Grounded in the university's mission to equitably reshape existing structures and build innovative new collaborations, the team established five goals for building outcomes needed to establish a robust Noyce program.

  1. Cultivate strong partnerships with local high-needs school districts by conducting STEM teaching needs assessments; preparation and placement for future Noyce fellows and program graduates.
  2. Align structures of current Math and Science licensure and Noyce programs at MSU Denver to effectively prepare and support scholarship and stipend recipients through clinical field experiences with integrated STEM instruction.
  3. Develop an undergraduate teacher licensure program for Physics majors; and create a Learning Assistant Program at MSU Denver.
  4. Develop and test effective recruitment and retention strategies for the program focused on increasing the percentage of underrepresented students majoring in STEM fields that enter the teaching profession.
  5. The overall outcome of achieving these four goals will be helping to meet the needs of students, faculty, the university, and its K-12 and community partners by establishing a five-year renewable Noyce program.

Equity & Common Core

Equity Assistance Centers support Common Core State Standards

For more information, please review this document:
Equity & Common Core

Educational Equity Today

Thank you for browsing our website.  We are pleased to announce the initial launch of the Region VIII Equity Assistance Center newsletter, Educational Equity Today.

We believe you will find it informative and helpful relative to establishing equitable practices within your school, district, and state.  It also will familiarize you with the many different services we offer, almost all of which are free of charge to those within our six-state region.  We invite you to recommend topics for future editions as well.  Archives will be posted on this site so that you can revisit previous issues. 



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