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2019 Website refresh

A preview of what will change Sept. 10, 2019

On Sept. 10, 2019 the University website with have a refreshed look. Departmental content won’t change, but some of the content elements will look different. Following is an example.


Comparison of former and new two-column page layout


Side by Side page comparison


One of the new features web authors may notice immediately is the hero image, which will now stretch the full width of your page.

Prior to the launch, we’ll be adjusting the size for all academic department and academic program hero images. For pages that live outside of academic programs and academic departments, web author may reupload the hero images to the media library with dimensions of 1900 x 300 pixels.  



How to preview a department site in the refreshed layout

University web authors can preview a department website in the refreshed layout in two steps.

  1. Go to the Actions menu on any section and select Preview Section
  2. In the resulting window select V2 Test Website Refresh

You will then see the new template design applied to the department section in Preview mode.

See screen shots below:


Select preview in Site Structure view



Select the Refresh preview channel

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