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Web Content Management at MSU Denver

TerminalFour logo‌TerminalFour Site Manager

University websites are managed by each department, center or program using the University's web content management system: TerminalFour.

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Other University services:

In addition to TerminalFour Site Manager, the University provides enterprise  platforms and resources designed to help manage specific digital/web related content :

  • Blackboard: the University learning management platform.

  • Office 365: for University email and calendars.

  • Rowdy academic computing environment: provides the ability to develop and post a personal website, develop, compile and deploy programs for academic use, as well as many other services.

  • Office 365 - SharePoint and OneDrive: document and media repository/management platform available to all student, faculty and staff 
  • MSU Denver Online Event Calendar: for University related events, trainings and workshops

  • Org Sync: a service available to student organizations that allows them to publish organization information and schedule events.

‌Questions regarding any of these services should be directed to the Information Technology Services Helpdesk at 303-352-7548.‌‌

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