MSU Denver

9:30 a.m.

The Collage of MSU Denver: Add What You Want to Enrich Your College Experience
JSSB 209
Come learn about the Center for Multicultural Engagement & Inclusion!
Presenters: Levi Franklin, Nat Ross-Smith, Kendall Taylor-Wright

Nursing Information Session
JSSB 211
This session will help students understand the process from pre-nursing to nursing admission. It will cover the competitiveness of the nursing program, tips for success and what to expect.
Presenter: Jenny Allert

Psychology Sample Lecture – Social Influence & Persuasion
JSSB 213
This session will be a sample lecture covering several distinct areas of psychology and how they connect to the concepts of attitude and behavior change.
Presenter: Chad Mortensen

Journalism & Media Productions – The Audience is Listening, Watching and Engaging
JSSB 215
Why should you consider a career in Journalism and Media Production?
Presenter: Christopher Jennings

10:30 a.m.

Accommodations & Supports for Students with Disabilities
JSSB 209
Come learn about the academic accommodations that the Access Center provides to college students with disabilities. We will discuss the process of getting registered for services, along with a description of the accommodations and technologies that are provided to students in a college setting.
Presenter: Melissa Cermak

Computer Science & Computer Security
JSSB 211
Learn about computing and cybersecurity at MSU Denver.
Presenter: Steve Beaty

Biology… The Possibilities are Endless!
JSSB 213
Learn more about the biology department and all the career possibilities within the world of Biology!
Presenter: Sheryl Zajdowicz

One World One Water – Urban Water Stewardship
JSSB 215
Come learn about the One World One Water programs and community partnerships they provide!
Presenter: Hope Bartlett

11:30 a.m.

Student Supports at MSU Denver
JSSB 209
Overview of support services and ways to get involved on campus – academic, cultural, career, leadership and more!
Presenter: Scott Bergman

Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute Sample Lecture – The Fourth Industrial Revolution
JSSB 213
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is fusing the physical and digital worlds with emerging technology breakthroughs in robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, virtual reality and 3D printing, all things that encompass our advanced manufacturing sciences institute.
Presenter: Mark Yoss

Modern Languages Sample Lecture
JSSB 215
Come learn about the role of authentic culture in learning a language!
Presenter: Dr. Lawrence F. Glatz

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