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Please note this page is for internal admissions staff use only

Need To Know Up-to-date Information

  • SPRING START UP January 4 - January 29, 2021
    • Offices that will have a full-time staff member available to assist students: (note: these offices will pick up a walkie in the morning and return at end of day)
      • Cashier
      • Registrar
      • FinAid


  • Need an admissions rep? Jessica and Victor will be alternating on campus days -and- you can also contact the 'on-call counselor' that is listed on W2W for the day via phone or teams


  • 2nd floor study spaces and tutoring center desk will not open until Tuesday, January 19, 2021 when classes resume. 


  • There will not be tents at each building entrance like there was for fall start


  • Buildings still have one entrance and one exit labeled as per covid protocol 

Other Welcome Desk Offerings For COVID 


  • Faculty/Staff PPE 
    • faculty/staff can pick up face shields and PPE kit


  • Disposable masks availble at welcome desk and/or health center 


  • Lanyards availble to encourace having ID visible while on campus. 

These offices have provided the following to navigate virtual resources for students through COVID-19

Avoid downloading and/or saving as these files change often and will be kept current. Accessing via the web will ensure the newest version is being used. 


Please note this page is for internal admissions staff use only

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